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Quick start guide...

It is recommended to have a look to the Quick Start if you did not do it yet...

Docker Hub page for images

The images are uploaded to Docker Hub on each release and can be downloaded using majorcadevs/mdbackup:slim or majorcadevs/mdbackup:alpine images.

Specific version tags are available and follows these format majorcadevs/mdbackup:${VERSION}-slim and majorcadevs/mdbackup:${VERSION}-alpine.

Images target to linux/amd64, linux/arm and linux/arm64.

To be done...

Build image

There are two flavours for the mdbackup image: one based on Alpine Linux and the other based on Debian (slim).

To build the Debian version, run:

docker image build -t majorcadevs/mdbackup:slim -f docker/Dockerfile-slim .

To build the Alpine Linux version, then run:

docker image build -t majorcadevs/mdbackup:alpine -f docker/Dockerfile-alpine .