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Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage for all your files, like your USB or external hard-drive where you store stuff, but in the cloud.

To be able to use Google Drive as storage provider, You will need the client_secrets.json. You should get them from the Google Developer's Console, by going to Credentials and creating a new OAuth 2.0 Client IDs or using an existing one. Every OAuth 2.0 entry have a download icon, this will download that file. The file must be stored somewhere in the local file system (for example, in the config folder). The only drawback is that the JSON cannot be stored in-place, inside the configuration.

The auth_tokens.json is created when a user logs in. You must use a path accessible from the tool to write the file. If the file does not exist, run the utility manually and (in some point) it will ask you to go to an URL. Here is where you log in with an account and Google will give you a token. Copy and paste it into the terminal. Now you will see the files uploading to Google Drive and the auth tokens file created.

The backupsFolder must exist before running the tool.


In order to use Google Drive, you must install the following python packages:

  • boto3
  • python-magic

Configuration schema

  "type": "gdrive",
  "backupsPath": "Path in Google Drive where the backups will be located",
  "maxBackupsKept": "Indicates how many backups to keep in this storage, or set to null to keep them all",
  "clientSecrets": "config/client_secrets.json",
  "authTokens": "config/auth_tokens.json"