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Backblaze B2

Similar to S3, B2 is a Object cloud storage that offers high performance, high availability and simple interface to store objects in the cloud. Like S3, it also uses keys to identify the objects and slashes / can be used to organize the objects.

The backupsPath in B2 is like a prefix for the object keys. It is recommended to put something here to easily organise the backups from the rest of files in the bucket. The initial slash / is removed when uploading the files. You don't need to create anything under the backupsPath prefix, it will be created automatically with the upload.

The content type of the files will be guessed and set in the metadata when uploading.

To start using B2, you must get and define the keyId, appKey and bucket. If password is defined, the files will be protected using this setting as password.


The backupsPath must start with initial slash /.


In order to use B2, you must install the following python packages:

  • b2sdk
  • python-magic

Configuration schema

  "type": "b2",
  "backupsPath": "Path in B2 where the backups will be located",
  "maxBackupsKept": "Indicates how many backups to keep in this storage, or set to null to keep them all",
  "keyId": "B2 Key ID",
  "appKey": "B2 Application Key",
  "bucket": "Name of the bucket",
  "password": "(optional) Protects files with passwords"